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Hanging Hints

How to hang your framed artwork so it looks picture perfect



Coming home with your beautiful work of art is one of the best feelings you can have, and chances are you’ve been thinking of the perfect spot to display it. We want to make sure that whether you’re a wall-mounting afficionado or if this is your very first time, that you will feel confident hanging your mirror or artwork all on your own.

For each of our hanging methods, we do recommend having an extra pair of hands when working with larger frames and if you want to achieve a consistent look across your entire home think of the what height you would like each of your pictures to be at. In our examples, the center of each picture is at a height of 5′, which is roughly eye level.

If you plan to hang custom-framed items of the same size next to each other, ask your framer to make the wire height the same on all your different pictures.


  1. How to Hang a Picture with One Hook
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