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Browse some of the diverse of projects we have completed by selecting an image to explore the gallery for each category. 



We’ve framed paintings from all different eras and styles ranging from modern cubists and impressionists such as Walter Dexel, to classical portraiture and realist landscapes such as William Glackens and more. 


Works on Paper

Everything from ad prints, graphic design, lithographs, charicatures, and drawings and an infinite number of other possibilities. If it’s a work on paper, we’ve framed it!


Whether you’re looking to frame personal documents important to your family, notable notes, or historical articles we treat each document with the utmost care so that it can be displayed respectfully and beautifully. 


We take those moments captured in your photograph and elevate them with a frame that allows the details of your image to shine. 



We’ve taken tapestries and numerous other textile pieces and woven their styles together with just the right frame.



This category is one of our most expansive so just to name a few, we’ve framed collections varying from coins,  buckles, entomological and butterfly collections, action figures, props, statues, masks and more.