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Hanging a Picture with Two Hooks

Our first video demonstrates the simple way of hanging a picture with one hook. Now we’re going to go with a slightly more complicated way with two hooks which will keep the picture more level on the wall for you.



Before we start, make sure to have the following:

  1. Pencil
  2. Level
  3. Two Hangers
  4. Post It Notes
  5. Hammer
  6. Tape Measure
  7. Extra Pair of Hands (to help with lining up your frame)



Start by putting your picture approximately where you want it on the floor.

Then you want to measure up to the left of the picture about 5′. Put a post it there, and mark it. This will be the center point of your picture.

Next thing you want to do is place your picture face up on your work table.

This time, you’re going to mark your picture in two places. Put a post it approximately center on the side of the picture, and on the top of the picture.

Then take your tape measure, and mark the exact center on your post it notes on both sides.

This next step will be easier to do, if you have a person to help you. Take the picture to the wall, and line up your post its. Line up the center point of the post it on the side of your picture, with the 5′ mark on the post it on the wall.

Put another post it on the wall above the post it note you’ve placed at the top center of your picture, and then mark your center point at the top of your picture.

Bring your picure back to your work table, and lay it facedown so we can measure the wire. With two hooks, you can use the level and pull taught on the wire. Measure each end to the top of the picture (in our example this was 4″), and the distance between the hooks will be the width of the level.

Take your tape measure back to the wall, and measure down from the center point of your upper center post it note by the distance you just measured (again, for us it was 4″). Make a slight pencil mark on the wall to mark this point.

Grab your level and place it on the center on the mark. Make sure that the bubble on your level is centered so that your level is properly aligned. Then make a small pencil mark at the bottom of each end to note where the hooks will go.

Bring your hooks over and hammer over, and make sure that the BOTTOM of each hook is aligned with the mark, and gently tap in each hook with the hammer.

At this point you can take your post it notes, and you’re ready to hang your picture.

This time it will be a little trickier to get it on both hooks, and you may need a little help if you have a larger picture. Reach your hand behind the frame to find the wire, and make sure that the wire is on both hooks, then straighten it out.

Again if you use your level, you can place it on top of your frame, and make sure it’s evenly levelled.

In summary, we’ve hung a picture at 5′ with two hooks, and if you hang all the pictures in your house at this height there will be a nice consistency. There may be some slight exceptions based on where your furniture is located, but in general, this is a great rule!



Have a question about something you would like to hang or display? Let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to help!



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